What is Snapthread?

Snapthread offers a quick, simple way to create and share movies on iOS. Unlike other video apps, Snapthread treats Live Photos as videos rather than still images. It also offers a choice of five aspect ratios: square, portrait fullscreen (3:4), portrait widescreen (9:16), landscape fullscreen (4:3) and landscape widescreen (16:9). Snapthread is designed for casual use; for those looking to manage multiple projects and to heavily customize their videos with transitions, multiple music tracks, sound effects, etc., I recommend Apple’s free iMovie app.

Full feature list:

  • Automatically convert Live Photos to video
  • Merge videos, still images, and Live Photos
  • Trim, mute, rotate, loop, and crop videos/images
  • Apply filters and text overlays
  • Easily select and import entire “Moments” from your photo library
  • Drag to rearrange clips in your timeline
  • Export in portrait, landscape, or square formats (1080p)
  • Choose to letterbox or crop videos/images that don’t match your chosen aspect ratio
  • Add music from your library, iCloud Drive, or the included soundtracks
  • Customize title cards using the included backgrounds or your own images
  • Save to your photo library or share using the standard iOS share sheet
  • On iPad, Drag and drop videos/images from your library to your timeline
  • Keyboard shortcuts for common tasks

Keyboard Shortcuts

Toggle photo libraryCommand-L
Open SettingsCommand-Comma (,)
Add musicCommand-M
Add title cardCommand-T
Play/pause videoSpace bar
Mute clip audioShift-Command-M
Edit clipCommand-Return
Delete clipDelete
Deselect all clips in libraryCommand-D
Scroll to bottom of libraryCommand-Down Arrow
Trim clipForward slash (/)
Loop clipL
Adjust photo durationD
Close editor or SettingsReturn
Save edit (within editing tool)Command-S
Cancel edit (within editing tool)Command-W