Author: snapthread_26c3hu

Version 2.1

Added 22 new soundtracks! Added 5 new duotone photo/video filters. Video soundtracks can now be looped and will fade out automatically. You can now adjust the speed of video clips with four speed settings. If you cancel an iCloud download, Snapthread will ask if you want to retry it. The app has a redesigned photo […]

Version 2.0.2

Added a button for quickly scrolling back to the bottom of your photo library. Panoramas are now automatically converted to videos that slowly pan from left to right. Time lapse clips should no longer appear as just a black video. The Instagram Stories icon in the share sheet has been changed to more closely match […]

Version 2.0

Improved design with more intuitive editing, saving, and sharing. You can now apply a “bounce” effect to videos under 5 seconds. Apply filters and text overlays to your photos and videos. Added ability to rotate photos and videos. Added ability to import music from iCloud Drive. Added 13 new title card backgrounds and the ability […]

Version 1.8

Snapthread is now available to try for free! If you already paid for the app up front, you should continue to have access to its full capabilities (please contact me if that isn’t the case). The photo library grid is now organized into Moments. Select all photos in a Moment with a single click. Automatically […]

Version 1.7

New title card styles! Choose from 15 unique backgrounds or create a basic title with custom colors. Add multiple titles and rearrange them. VoiceOver and Dynamic Type improvements. Added link to privacy policy in Settings. Crash fixes.

Version 1.6.2

The app now processes video clips that do not contain audio channels (including Live Photos with effects such as “bounce”) without displaying an error. Resolved some rare crashes and improved overall stability.

Version 1.5.2

What’s New: Bonjour! Ciao! Hola! Added localizations for French, Italian, and Spanish. Snapthread now fetches the most recent edits of your Live Photos instead of the original unadjusted versions. Fixed the bug that allowed you to re-organize your clips while your video was processing or exporting.